A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

The Warrior’s Way

The Warrior’s Way aims to transcend the limitations found in traditional Business Consulting, Life coaching, One on One Mentoring, Group Masterminds and breakthrough Coaching programs.

The week long training incorporates Navy Seal training and leading business expert discussions (i.e. Stephen Covey and Byron Katie) designed to focus the executive mind toward high capacity production. These lessons were developed to address the core four – Body, Being, Balance and Business. One may ask, why should a work training incorporate the other three areas outside of business? I believe we can all agree that if our balance (marriage and family) are unhealthy, our business focus will be compromised; the same is true if Being and Body are out of focus.

What did I learn?

Physical challenges are simpler than mental challenges. And whether you win or lose, they hurt equally the same because everything worth doing comes with some sort of pain. According to seal training, we tend to want to give up at about the 40% mark where the pain is the highest. I learned to transfer the pain of a physical challenge (i.e. running and exercising with a team carrying a telephone pole, while being sprayed with ice cold water from a hose) into a belief of “can do” by overcoming the “noise” or my mind’s story of you can’t do this. When I changed my internal story, I was able to overcome and achieve. The last 60% was easier than the first 40%.

Applying this to a business environment as part of a power inquiry (Byron Katie) I also learned that as the leader of my team, whether it was the team with the telephone pole or at RHA, it is not my sole responsibility to carry the weight of the challenge at hand. I must rely on my team and I must focus my instruction (aka leadership) to the team so that it makes its way from the front of the telephone pole, through the members of my team, to the back of that pole. The result – we won that challenge.

Where did the focus come from? Stephen Covey’s matrix:

While the “telephone pole” challenge caused me to work in the two “Important” quadrants, urgent and not urgent, the real results came from the “Not Urgent” quadrant, or what Covey calls the “power quadrant.” As CEO it is the quadrant I need to work in and doing so results in organizational vision, perspective, balance, discipline, control (self), and few crises. I must rely on my team to work in the urgent and important quadrant. Simple right? Using the tools, applied in a business environment keeps things simple… The beauty of simplicity is it’s doable.

My very simple take away… When you question your stressful thoughts you come out with your own truth. False thoughts create suffering. The work is the end of suffering. The work is a way to change what can be changed – me and my thinking.