A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Exceeding the standard of treatment for the past 10 years

Exceeding the standard of treatment for the past 10 years

Knowledge and empowerment are a few of the RHA’s most formidable weapons. RHA educates all new residents in the Resident Orientation every month and has provided Bed Bug guideline awareness to all residents. Through the act of transparency, talking, and sharing in conversations about ‘pest issues,’ RHA has helped take away some of the psychological discomfort and trauma.

Over the countless years that the United States has been battling Bed Bugs in our homes, dorm rooms, and hotels new treatments and ways of eradicating the pests have come to light. There are now heat treatments to get rid of 100% of the bugs in the infested area, there is also a nontoxic chemical you can use, Diatomaceous Earth that you can sprinkle on the bed frames and doorways of the building to stop the spreading of the bugs.

Through the years RHA and its members have exceeded what the standard treatment and plan for Bed Bugs is. The RHA team has hired specialists in bed bug eradication, having those specialists on call for any problem a housing resident has. RHA has invested in thermal remediation equipment and remediation specialists to combat the universal adversity. Heat remediation requires a unit to be heated to 110 degrees for 3 hours at a cost of $300 to $500 per unit.

Eliminating Bed Bugs has created a significant financial investment since the outbreak and still is a huge cost for all landlords and all other organizations that serve the public. Victoir Wilder, Code Enforcement Officer at the Winnebago County Health Department states, “The RHA Staff collaboration with our office, Anderson Pest Control, and the RHA residents has been nothing short of professional. These efforts will make Winnebago County a more healthy and sanitary place to live.”

Learn more about The Silent Invasion of Epidemic Proportions posed by Bed Bugs, and the actions taken by the Rockford Housing Authority to combat them, on our Blog. For the safety and comfort of all residents living in Rockford Housing Authority Units who suspect they may have bed bugs, please view the complete Rockford Housing Authority Bed Bug Policy and Bed Bug Heat Treatment Guide.