A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

Protecting You and Your Family

Protecting You and Your Family

There aren’t many ways to keep Bed Bugs away from you and your home. Bed Bugs really don’t care what kind of person you are, what type of home you have, or even how they get to your home, they just care about your blood and the warmth of your home. There are a few things you can do to keep the attack of Bed Bugs at bay and if you do end up with these pests in some way, you can combat and eradicate them at an early stage.

If you suspect that your neighbor or apartment neighbor has Bed Bugs, you most certainly want to investigate and to check your home. After you have completely examined your home and found no bed bugs, sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth or DE, at doorways. This is a safe non-toxic powder made from fossilized remains of sea creatures. The minerals in it are so fine it lacerates the bugs. DE is usually used as a pesticide for farmers but is safe to put ONLY at your doorways.

Another thing you can do to try and keep Bed Bugs away is when going on a vacation and sleeping in a hotel or motel make sure that you take a moment and inspect the room. Examine the whole bed including the pillow cases, behind the paintings, in the curtains, nightstand, chairs, and sofas. After inspecting the whole room and knowing there are no Bed Bugs, you can start to unpack, yet keep your luggage off of the floor and use the luggage rack. Some folks will take a further precaution and put their luggage in the shower stall.

Once you are leaving, reexamine all of the things you are about to pack back into the luggage, some very safe travelers will put their things in baggies just to be safe. Bed Bugs will die at a temperature of over 130 degrees, so when you get home, put all of the clothing or machine washable items into the washer on the highest safe water temperature allowed and most importantly in the dryer for a minimum of 30 minutes.

As we are all aware, overcoming obstacles and adversity can be most difficult. While an obstacle is defined “as something that obstructs or hinders progress and come in many forms, this silent invader is an adversary that can be overcome both in our public spaces and in our homes.” Owen Carter, RHA Director of Housing Operations, reflects “We believe that this is the best strategy that will most appropriately deal with the situation our community is facing today.” A very wise person once said when facing this level of adversity that, “I am not what I have done; I am what I have overcome.” The Rockford Leadership Team is of like belief, that truly together we can, together we will.


Learn more about The Silent Invasion of Epidemic Proportions posed by Bed Bugs, and the actions taken by the Rockford Housing Authority to combat them, on our Blog. For the safety and comfort of all residents living in Rockford Housing Authority Units who suspect they may have bed bugs, please view the complete Rockford Housing Authority Bed Bug Policy and Bed Bug Heat Treatment Guide.