A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

The Love For Learning, Knowledge and Understanding

Learning and knowledge, every parent knows, can be fun and the insatiable curiosity of the child wanting to know the “why” behind everything. As part of the Rockford Housing Authority’s Core Values is the concept of Accountability. One important aspect and characteristic of being accountable is an intrinsic love for learning, knowledge and understanding. It is our continued exploration how learning for the RHA team can be implemented to serve the needs of all residents.

The Rockford housing has invested and will continue to invest in this journey of accountably through education and understanding on a myriad of different learning levels. While it is difficult to present all the workshops, conferences, summits the Rockford Housing Authority team members attend in a given year, and in light of that below are two insightful examples that personify learning and knowledge through the core value of accountability.


The RHA’s Low Income Public Housing Program (LIPH) team attended Fair Housing Training provided by Prairie State Legal Services.

With this up to date Fair Housing knowledge base, we will continue to influence the way we do things day to day and learning will make doing things faster and easier, saving time, energy and becoming just that more efficient. Fair Housing topics that were covered are associated with Public Housing such as various federal laws require housing and community development programs and activities to operate regardless of race, color, national origin, disability, sex, and other protected characteristics.


RHA ROSS (Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency) & FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) Rockford Housing authority’s Team members Carandus Brown, ROSS Programs Manager, Ray Williams, ROSS Coordinator, Elias Soria, FSS Specialist, Laura Martinez, FSS Specialist attended this workshop.

The workshop was presented by the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI): “What Works in Correctional Supervision” and the “What Works Application.” Dr. Ed Latessa and his team facilitated the workshop so that the RHA Team developed a clear understanding, through evidence based data presented, of what works and what does not work with justice involved individuals. They provided significant insight on how communities may unintentionally and inadvertently be increasing recidivism.

Dr. Ed Latessa is a dynamic speaker who introduced the characteristics of effective correctional programs, and discussed the types of correctional practices most likely to succeed in reducing offender behavior. They went on to review the latest research methods and research findings on effective correctional interventions, and learned the importance of the risk, need and responsibility principles.

The afternoon session expanded on the “What Works” presentation by diving deeper and discussing the application across the criminal justice and human service systems. The topics included the implications for the risk principle, dosage and how to target criminogenic needs in programming and in case management.

This workshop was essential for the RHA team who may come into contact with individuals involved in the criminal justice system. This important knowledge based workshop was funded by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority and hosted by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC).


For over 67 years the Rockford Housing Authority has served the needs of our seniors and folks who are disabled in our community. Some impairments are readily observable, while others may

be invisible. We care about their needs and wants. Our continued vision is to provide the best quality of life by understanding and at the same time be proactive in how we care for our resident’s impairment because it may substantially limit one or more major life activities for them. This learning and knowledge is one of RHA’s most formidable weapons.


To learn more about PRAIRIE STATE LEGAL SERVICES which offers free legal services for low income persons and those age sixty or over please visit:  https://www.pslegal.org/psls-about-us.asp

To learn more about the ROCKFORD

HOUSING AUTHORITY’S TEN CORE VALUES: https://rockfordha.org/about/

Created in 1983, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is a state agency dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice. To learn more about the ILLINOIS CRIMINAL JUSTICE INFORMATION AUTHORITY http://www.icjia.state.il.us/