The RHA Leadership Team would like to take a moment and thank all of our hardworking staff. We appreciate all the tasks that RHA staff performs each day to make everyday life for our residents easier during these unprecedented times. Real courage is required to follow one’s conviction. Our unsung heroes take action. They rise up against the status quo and make changes for the betterment of others. From distributing food to RHA residents, providing transportation, and making sure that everyone is staying updated and connected. This filmed presentation is a tribute to all the RHA staff, working remotely, at our properties and scattered sites. They are committed to a cause. They are focused on the big picture and are willing to sacrifice time and effort for the good of the other staff and our residents. Operating under the new normal and continuing to stay vigilant to protect and serve our community.


Why Give this Tribute?

The RHA staff does not just look around and see things that need attention. They perceive such acts of service and standards of excellence as just part of their job. They continuously act. We all see the same things. Attention to detail and teamwork are two core traits of those who contribute behind the scenes. They work toward the team’s objective and deliver quality performance every day, whether for major projects or minor tasks. There are jobs that need to be done, problems that need to be solved. And as we look at those issues and think about our busy lives, our ‘RHA Heroes’ say to themselves “If it going to be, it’s up to me.” They see possibilities. They see opportunity where some others only see insurmountable problems.

The RHA Leadership takes immense pride and are honored to be giving tribute to our staff who have been here to manage and support the needs of our residents through the years. The are the strongest of warriors when it came to our residents’ shelter, protecting them when they need supporting, coaching, guiding, and finding resources. They have been teachers in many ways, finding and locating vital resources for them with our community partners. They are self-sacrificing and authentic.

“Life is a sum of all our choices.”

“Thoughts become words; words become actions

Actions become habits; habits become character –

Watch your character, for it is your destiny.”



Our RHA staff do their daily tasks with humility and empathy. The success that is celebrated here is dedicated to you, our employees, for without your support the community would be a far different place. Thank you for getting us here today. We see you all, we appreciate you so much, and we thank you all!