A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community


The Rockford Housing Authority is proud to support and present the Lifeforce Development Institute’s Job/Career Readiness Skills-based training to both RHA Clients and Residents. Today we Interview with RHA’s ROSS Program Case Manager, Carandus Brown. The LDI Curriculum addresses the foundational skill gap in the workforce with a 12-week, hands-on learning program covering Job/Career Readiness Skills meeting the community’s workforce goals.

The 12-week course is broken down into different subjects that someone should know going into a professional job. Week 1 focuses on helping the residents get to know themselves, finding out what their goals are and how to move forward and reach success. Week 2, 3, and 4 are all about life skills employers are looking for, such as; punctuality, recognizing your strengths, attitude, and how it helps you to become more successful at work. During week 5, 6, and 7, the students work on understanding what different functions you will need for different jobs, completing job applications and interview skills, as well as creating resumes and building a network. Week 8 and 9 are about learning how to budget and setting long term goals. At week 10, you take the WorkKeys assessment; then, in the last two weeks, you are connected with a mentor and spend 1 to 2 weeks job shadowing or completing an internship.

If you are interested and want to Launch Your Future today or to learn more about the LIFEFORCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, please connect here: https://launchmyfuture.com/registration/