A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

In Memory of Eunice Beeks-Green

The Rockford Housing Authority lost not only a colleague but a friend this month. Eunice was born on May 12th, 1962, in Rockford; she went to West High School and went on to receive a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. Eunice was a part of the RHA team for 23 years as our Resident Support Specialist. She was very dedicated to the Lifeforce Development Institute students, along with all the residents she came in contact with. She was always ready to help the next resident, student, or co-worker that needs it. Eunice demonstrated all of the RHA core values and beliefs but really exemplified being resourceful and caring about her job and the people involved. 

Eunice was a faithful member of St. Paul Church of God in Christ. She served as an Evangelist with the Women’s Ministry, Women’s Auxiliary, Jail Ministry, and Singles Ministry.


The RHA team wanted to take a moment and share some words and fond memories about Eunice:

Laura Snyder, RHA CEO

“For nearly 23 years, Ms. Eunice Beeks-Green served as a Rockford Housing Authority team member. Beginning her career as an assistant property manager, Eunice assisted families throughout our family developments. In 2010, Eunice transitioned from our operations team to our human services. I believe that all would agree; this is where she discovered her calling. Immediately becoming a beacon of hope and a ray of sunshine for our residents, Eunice worked diligently every day to ensure our elderly or disabled residents were provided with the services needed to help them maintain independence and dignity.

Eunice was an instrumental part of our Lifeforce Development Institute instructors panel educating and mentoring those eager to grow personally and grow to be self-sufficient.

Understanding the impact that Covid-19 and isolation had on everyone, especially those living alone, Eunice took it upon herself to check in with residents merely to see how they were doing. Again, proving that her whole heart was part of her work and her work was part of her family.

Eunice will be greatly missed, spoken of often, and with each memory shared, a smile will ensue. As a member of our family, Eunice will forever be in our hearts.”

Odessa Walker

“There are so many things I could say about Ms. Eunice, but one thing I will say is that she was a beautiful soul. She always went above and beyond to help everyone she could. There is a scripture in the bible that says “The greatest among you will be your servant” Thank you Ms. Eunice for being the greatest among us. She had a heart of servitude and she did it with gladness and in the spirit of excellence. Thank you, Ms. Eunice, for showing us how to live a fulfilled life.”

Owen Carter

“I met Eunice in 2005. I just remember her kindness and willingness to help, just the joy she had for assisting those in need. She will forever be missed. She wasn’t just an employee of the Rockford Housing Authority; she wasn’t just a friend, she was part of our RHA family.”

Michaela Harris

“When I think of Eunice, I think of kindness, compassion, and overflowing joy. One of my favorite memories with her was the staff party, where we voted for employees to win awards. Well, Eunice won the “Difference Maker Award,” and she won by a landslide. I think the title of the award is so indicative of who she was as a person. We will never find another Eunice.”

Rosalind Gulley 

“Eunice was very caring and very compassionate in her role within RHA and outside of RHA. I admired her strength, and I loved her dearly as a co-worker who always gave good advice and guidance when needed. I experienced great joy working with Eunice as our longtime President of RHA’s Compassion Committee, and as an honor to her, I will continue to remain on this Committee. Her presence will be greatly missed, but her spirit will always be with us as we continue to serve as she did with much love and compassion. I love you, Eunice. Your sister in love.”