A quality home is the foundation
of society & community

A quality home is the foundation of society & community

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In keeping with the RHA mission and vision, this website page is committed to the unique perspective and the understanding of affordable housing. The content delivers to our viewer’s current information about personal growth, social consciousness, and healthier living.

The focus of RHA programming is assisting and providing empowering insights. RHA residents often face complex challenges. The program provided here takes a multipronged approach to help our viewers. The content includes attention to diverse voices that speak to culture and the community.

On an ongoing basis, the RHA DIGITAL TELEVISION CHANNEL also provides our viewers RHA updates, local community news, and news worldwide. It is our goal of the Channel to supply topics of community benefit that is otherwise not often provided by other sources readily available. The Channel distributes video playbacks of Public Service Announcements, community partner’s public news, and HUD programs for awareness and greater understanding.




WHAT: This live stream of the Jobs Plus Initiative Launch is organized to learn more about the program and meet the Jobs Plus Initiative team.

WHY: Learn the importance of the Jobs Plus Initiative as we come together with our Community Partners to kick off the program and hear about the impact that this program will have on the Greater Rockford Area.

WHO: Laura Snyder – RHA CEO, Mayor Tom McNamara, Odessa Walker- Director of Human Services, Alex Keedi – Jobs Plus Program Manager, and Jobs Plus Team Members.

WHERE: Live streaming held at the RHA Central Office.

WHEN: The Jobs Plus Initiative Launch Live Streaming event will be streamed live here on the RHA Digital Television Channel on January 21st, starting at 12PM. Playback will be available proceeding the event as well.

ABOUT THE INITIATIVE: Public housing developments are among the most economically challenged neighborhoods in the United States. In fact, many public housing residents face obstacles to employment even beyond those normally experienced by other low-income people.

PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM: Jobs Plus develops locally based, job-driven approaches to increase earnings and advance employment outcomes through work readiness, employer linkages, job placement, educational advancement, skills development, and financial literacy for public housing residents. This place-based program supports economic resilience for residents by incentivizing and enabling employment through income disregards for working families, benefitting the entire community, and supporting a culture of work.

For more information and how to get started please reach out to Alex Keedi, Jobs Plus Program Manager at:

Office: 815-489-8771

Cell: 815-979-2828


Or contact Stephanie Summers, Employment Specialist

Office: 815/489-8643

Cell: 815/509-8791


The comprehensive nature of the Rockford Housing Authority’s Jobs Plus Grant program has established partnerships with key social service agencies within the Rockford community. With over fifty-three strategic community partnerships, RHA will strengthen program planning and implementation and streamline access to services for RHA resident participants. RHA plays a unique and pivotal role in supporting, developing, and expanding workforce education and employment opportunities through the Lifeforce Development Institute.